Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Finally finished the tote tutorial! Here we go!

2-12 x 12 pcs. of DSP
bone folder

punch of your choice
hole punch
sticky strip

Step 1:
Cut your tote paper to 10 x 12

Step 2:
With the 10" side in the cutter, score the full length of the paper at 2" on each side

Step 3: Turn paper and score at 5" and 7"

Step 4: Crease all scores with your bone folder

Step 5: Cut from side of paper in to where score lines meet on both sides. Total of 4 - 2" cuts.

Step 6: Cut 4 - 5" x 1" pieces out of coordinating DSP

Step 7: Adhere the strips to the front and back of tote about 1"from score marks

Step 8: Add sticky strip as shown

Step 9: Assemble tote

Step 10: Cut 2 - 10" x 1" strips for handles

Step 11: Adhere handles to inside of bag using adhesive

Step 12: Punch out embellishments

Step 13: Add embellishments, hole punch through embellishment, tote, and handles. Add brads to hold it all together.

There you have the finished tote!

If you have any questions or comments please post!!!

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